Back Pain in the Industrial Workplace
Workers with lower back pain are forced to leave the company long before they should. We have a solution!

The Industrial Spine Support System

"Spina Subsidium"
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The Industrial & Surgeon Spine Support System was recently featured on TV

Pain experienced by workers

According to an NIH Study 62% of all industrial workers suffer from Low Back Pain (LBP). There was a significant correlation between frequent physical activity and severity of LBP Work-related physical factors showed strong associations with LBP. The main risk factors for low back pain among production workers were extreme trunk flexion, as well as lifting of loads, pushing or pulling heavy loads and exposure to whole body vibration.

Enduring Pain

Workers are forced to endure back pain throughout their day which can further exacerbate the LBP issues they are having. This can lead to a more stressful work environment for everone.

industrial spine support enduring back pain

Forced to take a break

Because of the pain workers are forced to take longer and more frequent breaks. This can lead to downtime in production and decreased productivity per worker.

industrial spine support forced to take a break

Leave & Workers Comp

Workers will eventually have to go on leave and this will probably results in a Workers Comp claim being filed against the company. You can reduce these effects by addressing the issue up front.

industrial spine support prevent absence due to injury or workers comp

Address Low Back Pain in Your Workforce Today

Your Issues Today

  • Your workforce is going into retirement early
  • You lose your most experienced workers
  • Workers have to go on leave for extended periods of time
  • Workers Comp Claims are on the rise
  • Increased Disability Claims
  • Potential OSHA violations
  • Labor costs rise and productivity decreases

What Can You Do About It?

  • Take action starting today
  • Call us to discuss your situation
  • Purchase an onsite needs assessment
  • The assessment includes a complete live demo
  • Each order includes on-site training


  • Less fatigue on the job, especially with overtime
  • Employee’s home life is improved: less strife, less drinking, better sleep,
  • Less addiction to pain meds
  • Lower worker’s comp claims and lower premiums
  • Less employee turnover
  • Less Social Security disability claims
  • Better Productivity on the Job

Suit Advantages

  • You can use the stairs in total comfort
  • Ability to shift left or right
  • It is lightweight – less than 7 pounds
  • It has its own carry bag for ease of transportation

The Industrial Spine Support System

Inventions are born out of necessity more times than not. That is the case in this situation. Workers with lower back pain are forced to leave the job long before they should and long before we want them to. We have developed an external skeletal support system that can extend a worker’s career with this problem. The system transfers the lower back stress and strain to the thigh area. This creates a totally comfortable lower back that is not distracting during your regular work. The angle of lean is totally adjustable and allows you to stand erect and walk without being encumbered. Weighing only six pounds, it will not bog you down. The support system is custom fitted but is also adjustable as needed.

Reduce the stress and pain on your body and extend your career!

Give your spine better support

Support your spine and relieve your back pain

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